Upload Files to the McGee Cadd FTP Site


McGee Cadd allows the use of our FTP Site to our customers for large file transfers. If you need us to print a file that is too large to email you can use our FTP Site to deliver the files to McGee Cadd.


Click on the link below and it will take you to your web browser. Go to the View tab and and click on view ftp site in windows explorer and a new window will open. Then transfer your files to the Inbound Folder.


Then simply send an email message to your nearest Mc Gee Cadd location letting them know that your files have been uploaded and your printing requirements.




McGee Cadd FTP Access by Location


McGee Cadd Wilmington FTP

2527 S. 17th St.

Wilmington, NC

Phone: (910) 392-5500

Fax (910) 799-1212

E-mail: mcgee01@mcgee-cadd.com




McGee Cadd Greenville FTP

2095 S. Evans St.

Greenville, NC

Phone: (252) 752-4400

Fax (252) 752-0530

E-mail: mcgee02@mcgee-cadd.com




Jacksonville McGee Cadd FTP

483 Western Blvd.

Jacksonville, NC 28546

Phone: (910) 353-2600

Fax: (910) 353-3600

Email: mcgee04@mcgee-cadd.com




Fayetteville McGee Cadd FTP

2110 Fort Bragg Rd.

Fayetteville, NC

Phone: (910) 323-9300

Fax (910) 481-8900

E-mail: mcgee05@mcgee-cadd.com



Myrtle Beach McGee Cadd FTP

1917 Mr Joe White Ave

Myrtle Beach, SC

Phone: (843) 916-9800

Fax (843) 445-9400

E-mail: mcgee06@mcgee-cadd.com