Scanning and Archiving


McGee Cadd Reprographics has the ability to scan standard sized paper documents or full size construction drawings. You have the option to have your files labeled and systematically archived for your retrieval, saving your company time and money. Your documents will readliy accessible for future use or reference on your preferred storage method. We also offer FTP Access for large file-size data transfers of scanned files.


McGee Cadd has the capability of scanning large format fine-art for artist proofs or high quality reproduction.  Copyright laws apply.


















We can scan to CD, thumb drive, or external hard drives, depending on your document retrieval and accessibility need.


Some reasons to consider documents for electronic scanning and archiving:


Easy access and retrieval of documents

Electronic storage and retrieval is more efficient

Allows transfer of files via e-mail to contractors, employees, etc.

Reduces facility overhead required for storage of documents

Protect documents from accidental loss due to fire, floods, etc.